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What is a Spiritual Clearing?

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A spiritual clearing is a process in which a medium utilizes in order to clear negativity from a person, pet, place or business by utilizing the assistance of highly evolved spiritual beings form the non-physical worlds. A strong vortex of energy is created through prayers, mantras, affirmations and music. Through divine guidance, the medium summons the angelic kingdom to release all levels of negative energies.

Anytime that you have a personal clearing, you should consider a  home spiritual clearing. If you are a business owner there are several reasons why you will want to have a  business spiritual clearing.

The process of spiritual clearing assists in the elimination of long-standing emotions and belief systems that may lead to depression, hopelessness, despair, frustration, rage, confusion, fear and illness.

There are many levels of negative energy in the lower and higher astral planes and each energy must be removed separately using a unique method and spiritual assistance for that level. Every person, place or thing that receives a clearing is helped without violating the karma of a situation. People report a remarkable positive change within 72 hours of a clearing. Many report experiences of an epiphany. A clearing is not a magic potion. A person needs to establish and reinforce personal boundaries by strengthening their aura with aligning thoughts and habits.

Who Should Have a Spiritual Clearing?

  • People whose lives include occurrences such as a serious illness, surgery, vehicle accident, head injury, loss of consciousness or a near death experience
  • Those that have a history of emotional traumas, addictions or consumers of a large amount of prescribed medication
  • Victims of physical, mental or sexual abuse
  • Witnesses of a tragedy or an abusive situation
  • Individuals who feel stuck in life or have blocks to creativity
  • Persons that experience regular stress, exhaustion or constant distractions of the mind
  • People who experience unreasonable fear, sudden onsets of extreme anger or frequent mood swings
  • Those with profound depression grief, suicidal thoughts or a desire to injure themselves
  • Individuals that have intrusive recurring dreams, sleep disturbances or sleepwalking
  • Persons that have experimented with the occult phenomena
  • Those that frequently work in other people’s energy fields

 What Are The Benefits of a Spiritual Clearing?

It is important to note that benefits of a spiritual clearing cannot be guaranteed. Clearings are a very focused procedure with a purity of intention and spiritual support. They are always done for the highest good of the participant. The list below represents a wide-range of benefits that many people have reported. Your personal experience may include one or many of these benefits depending upon your unique situation.

  • Restoration of balance and harmony once obstacles and energetic limitations are removed
  • An increase in cash flow
  • Increased energy
  • A feeling of positive and calm with the ability to think clearer
  • Reduced stress and drama in their life
  • Quality sleep for a longer period of time and wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized
  • Begin to think creatively and “out of the box” to achieve a higher level of success
  • The ability to trust their intuition
  • Spiritual values come to the surface
  • Free from the energetic bondage of past traumatic events

All clearings are done remotely from Rev Anita’s office.

After receiving a clearing, the body experiences a restoration period that may last for several months. The body is rejuvenating spiritually and adjusting to a new energy level. While adjusting to your new normal, continue in spiritual practices such as prayers, meditations and positive affirmations. When you commit to change, you will be awakened to the path of free will and an amazing spiritual journey.  Read what others have said about their result from having a spiritual clearing from Rev Anita


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*Disclaimer* Spiritual healings are not meant to be a substitute for medical care therefore please continue to see your physician and other medical practitioners on a regular basis, when illness occurs and for the duration of your physicians treatment plan.
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